For over 60 years Sullivan's S&S Jewelers has been helping generations of families create and celebrate special moments. Our Jewelry Store can turn life’s milestones into expressions of love that last a lifetime, from engagements, weddings and birthdays, to holidays and those special “just because” moments. In addition to our retail sales, did you know we have three Master Goldsmiths and a GIA Gemologist on staff? Ask us about the mountings we have in stock to remount your diamonds and gems. A custom-designed mounting with your input is also available! Our Jewelry Store provides everything from Repairs, Redesign, Engraving, Watch Repair and Battery Replacement, and we look forward to providing our professional services to you in a timely manner!
Jewelry Service

Friendly Service

At Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers, we feel it is our honor to have an opportunity to provide you with friendly customer service. We are glad to welcome you back to the store when you need jewelry repair, watch repair or watch battery service. If you are looking to repurpose a cherished gem or diamond into a customized setting, At our Jewelry Store we can work with you to create your unique jewelry piece. We place great value in our customers who have the entrusted us to keep their jewelry and watches in top shape.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Our expert sales/service staff and our jewelers are here day in and day out to assist you and educate you. We value the important relationships in your life just as you do. Please let us help you find exactly what you, or that special someone in your life, is seeking.

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Our diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and many other forms of jewelry are of the finest quality and provide great value now and into the future. You will find the same quality in our collections as in our professional approach to meeting your highest expectations. We would be delighted to work with you to find that perfect piece for any occasion!

Remarkable Value

Value is measured in a variety of ways. Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers have been providing value to satisfied customers for decades. We are committed to bringing you the best value in Brevard County through our large inventory in our Jewelry Store and our knowledgeable Team. Our competitive prices compete with the on-line retailers. We are a trusted local “brick and mortar” store where you can see the quality for yourself first hand. We are very competitive in price for a service that requires expertise and personal attention to your investments.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1955, Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers highly values the loyal customers who rely on us for the quality of our products and our trustworthy and exceptional services. New customers are our chance to display the philosophy of quality and value that established our reputation over the years. Our customers can rely on our sales team to provide thoughtful, educated advice for jewelry purchases and repairs. Our service professionals will keep customer’s investments valuable through excellent servicing. We believe our company’s most treasured asset is our customers and this philosophy pervades our day to day activities.