GIA Certified Diamonds

Diamonds are a large part of a Sullivan’s S&S Jeweler’s business.

The Four “C’s”

When it comes to determining a diamond’s quality and value, there is a universally accepted standard known as the four C’s:
cut, color, clarity and carat weight

The fifth “C”… our commitment to you as a customer.

A diamond purchase is often symbolic of a lifetime commitment to your loved one and a diamond is also an investment that lasts forever. At Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers, we view your choice to purchase a diamond from us a first step in our commitment to you as our customer.

Our commitment to you begins even before you enter our store. We stock a broad selection of the best designs available in the market place. Each style is evaluated to ensure it meets standards of durability and design integrity. Our diamonds are not only chosen for their superior quality, but also maximum value. Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers prices each item that we offer with this blend of quality and value firmly in mind.

When selecting us as your jeweler, you can be assured that we will do our utmost to provide you with exceptional selection, quality, value and service. This is our commitment to you, our customer, for as long as you have your diamond.